What are Online Casino Games?

Welcome to our guide and review of online casino games. Here we will provide a detailed insight into online games and expose to you what options are available to play when you step inside any of the highly recommended casinos on the South African market, that will allow you to win real money from them.

The World of Gaming at Your Fingertips

What are online casino games? Aside from being and opportunity to win money, they are also a source of entertainment for players to enjoy across various different forms. If you were to pick any of the best casinos in South Africa which you’d find listed in our friend’s site, you’d discover hundreds upon hundreds of different titles. Each of these games come in various forms that range from virtual machines like those of online slots, through to the option of playing live table games that are hosted by real-time dealers.

Game are the key that unlock riches from the casino, they thrill, excite, in some cases disappoint if luck doesn’t favour you and on the other hand, they can change a player’s life forever.

There Are Over 2000 Titles Ready for You to Explore

Inside the best online casinos, the options are there for you to make money from and they are all must-win values that will, at some point, have to payout. Here is a brief look at those options and how they are presented by the casinos online here in South Africa.

Virtual Games: In this section, you will find machines that are abundant in number. These are your online slot games and virtual card games. Online slots are a fun and easy game to play, with no skills required, you simply press the spin button and hope matching symbols align on the reel to win a return of cash. Slots are the most prominent of games inside of a casino, there is a mixed variety covering a range of themes and styles. The slot is also famous for the progressive jackpot variant, which are the games with multi-million prizes. The other virtual games play in the same fashion, digitalised versions of blackjack, roulette and you have video poker. Here, when cards are dealt it’s like the spin of a slot game, the same principles apply, each turn of a card is like the rotation of a slot wheel, where a winning hand or landing of a number returns a payment.

Card Games: Card games can come in two forms; you have your virtual platform and you also have your live dealer games. In the category of cards, you have blackjack, casino war, poker, baccarat and their variants such as pontoon, pai gow, Texas Hold ‘em, Caribbean stud and many others. To play cards, you need a general understanding of card values and the formation of what hands are. Card games present the most favourable of all casino game options when it comes to playing with a more even range of odds against the casino.

Table Games: Just like the card games, table features are presented in two forms. Your choice of games includes roulette, sic bo, craps, dream catcher, monopoly and deal or no deal. Table games widen the opportunity to win, they are special games that give players more choice to stake their bets on. No skills are required to play and for the majority, winning outcomes are based on chance and prediction.

Sports Betting: Not often considers a quintessential casino game, but the option to play and bet on live sporting events are provided. With in-play sports betting, you can enjoy live entertainment during any sporting event or game which is taking place. A casino will often present over 20 different types of games to bet on, from these, you then have the array of fixtures, matches and events. Within each of these, you have your selection of odds that are plentiful in number that allows you to literally bet on any action which takes place within the time of the feature.

Lottery Games: Bingo, keno and scratch cards are additional features to the casino’s menu. These niche games again are not normally considered to be your traditional casino game, but nevertheless, they are still options presented by the casinos in South Africa. All games are based on chance and all come with the opportunity to win a substantial jackpot.

How Do You Plan on Playing?

Despite the myriad of ways to be able to claim wins from the various games described, there are essentially three forms of gambling which happens.

You can play based on skill with card games and sports betting. Next, you play based on the fortune of luck and chance with games in the live arenas and with your selection of niche games. Then your third way of winning comes down to how chance within the realm of slots. Here the programming of games determines when you win based on the amount of money you have put into the machines. How you will play is down to you and what you win back depends on what type of game you play.